Aspen Dirt Report

Each week we bring you three exciting statistics driving one of the most exclusive real estate markets in the country.

This week we are going to bring you up to speed on what’s been happening in the Aspen/Snowmass real estate market so far this year.

In doing so we’ve combed over thousands of records, countless spreadsheets and hundreds of complex computer formulas, to bring you the latest market information.

Catch up on the Aspen real estate market, right here on the Dirt Report.


2 billion dollars, representing 196 properties, that is the amount of inventory currently available in single family homes in Aspen alone.

Sales prices start as low as $795k to $80 million, and everything in between.  Right now there are 6 sales reporting under contract with the average at just over $7million and the highest at $24.5 million. 

With 196 properties on the market and 6 under contract, that leaves a lot of sellers wondering if they are going to a closing this year.  Timing in life is everything! Take advantage of this timing to secure a dream property at a dream price!

Stat 2

24, 36, 43! These are recent list to sales price percentages, negotiated by some very savvy buyers in Aspen. 

Attention buyers that have been waiting for just the right time to score a sweet deal on a property in Aspen! That time is now! The market is preforming at roughly 58% of what it did last year at this time and that is making for some motivated sellers. 

25, 30 even 40% that is the discount sellers are giving buyers in some recent Snowmass sales.

Stat 3

Snowmass Village sellers have taken a very aggressive approach to selling over recent months.  Since the beginning of 2016, several luxury sales have occurred and the buyers have reaped the benefits of motivated sellers.  

Unless you ask, the answer is always no.  Kudos to those buyers for getting in there and asking, and landing a great deal!


Not all sellers are this motivated, but if you’ve been watching this market you know these discounts were more like 5% last year.  Put us to work for you!  We thrive on getting our clients the best deal!

That’s it for the Aspen Dirt Report!

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