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Mind blowing Aspen and Snowmass Market statistics and a look inside some of the most exclusive homes in Aspen and Snowmass. 

Oct. 21, 2016

Aspen Real Estate Market update The Dirt Report


Aspen Dirt Report

Each week we bring you three exciting statistics driving one of the most exclusive real estate markets in the country.

This week we are going to bring you up to speed on what’s been happening in the Aspen/Snowmass real estate market so far this year.

In doing so we’ve combed over thousands of records, countless spreadsheets and hundreds of complex computer formulas, to bring you the latest market information.

Catch up on the Aspen real estate market, right here on the Dirt Report.


2 billion dollars, representing 196 properties, that is the amount of inventory currently available in single family homes in Aspen alone.

Sales prices start as low as $795k to $80 million, and everything in between.  Right now there are 6 sales reporting under contract with the average at just over $7million and the highest at $24.5 million. 

With 196 properties on the market and 6 under contract, that leaves a lot of sellers wondering if they are going to a closing this year.  Timing in life is everything! Take advantage of this timing to secure a dream property at a dream price!

Stat 2

24, 36, 43! These are recent list to sales price percentages, negotiated by some very savvy buyers in Aspen. 

Attention buyers that have been waiting for just the right time to score a sweet deal on a property in Aspen! That time is now! The market is preforming at roughly 58% of what it did last year at this time and that is making for some motivated sellers. 

25, 30 even 40% that is the discount sellers are giving buyers in some recent Snowmass sales.

Stat 3

Snowmass Village sellers have taken a very aggressive approach to selling over recent months.  Since the beginning of 2016, several luxury sales have occurred and the buyers have reaped the benefits of motivated sellers.  

Unless you ask, the answer is always no.  Kudos to those buyers for getting in there and asking, and landing a great deal!


Not all sellers are this motivated, but if you’ve been watching this market you know these discounts were more like 5% last year.  Put us to work for you!  We thrive on getting our clients the best deal!

That’s it for the Aspen Dirt Report!

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July 22, 2016

Around the Block Aspen Ranches

This week in our around The Block Report, we thought we’d focus on beauty!  Both natural and the beauty found in making yourself a sweet deal!

With so much focus on Urban living, quick commutes and the walkability of a location, these once sought after rural hideaways are experiencing longer sales cycles and lower sales prices than this market has seen in recent history.

Out here, it’s all about backroads, unplugging and tuning into the jaw dropping beauty of the Roaring Fork Valley.

It’s about majestic views, sunrises, sunsets, a place to let your hair down and appreciate our natural surroundings.

In Aspen we talk about square feet, out here we talk about square miles.  Join us on a trip Around The Block, to some of the most sacred places this valley has to offer. And get familiar with some of the best opportunities to own your own slice of heaven.

We all know real estate moves in cycles, what is in now, will be out in a few years. Right now is an exceptional time to make a great buy on property located outside the roundabout!

Within 30 minutes of the core you can completely escape to your own private retreat.  Here are just a few examples of what is available right now and the kind of opportunity they represent.

First up, a legacy property; The Flying Dog Ranch in Woody Creek.  245 acres with water rights, 2 development parcels, backing to endless national forest and HUGE views.  Currently listed at $21 million down from $46 million, this is Gus’ dream property. The perfect place to build a dream home or family compound, escape and let the kids run wild.

An equally stunning piece of land also in Woody Creek, the Circle R ranch, a perfect family compound with 6 single family homes, totaling 22 bedrooms!  Rustic and unpretentious it’s the perfect place to bring the family and check out of the madness and enjoy each other and all the adventures this lifestyle offers.  Grab the horses for a ride or your rod and reel for a little fishing.  Currently listed for $39 million down from $50 million.

If a smaller property is more appropriate for you, but you still want to enjoy horses and have always dreamed of an artist studio or workshop, this property will not disappoint.  A perfectly on trend home with clean lines and a warm contemporary feel, you just feel like taking a big exhale as soon as you walk in. It’s hard to describe the peacefully feeling of this house. Originally listed for $6.9, now on the market at a very competitive $4.7.  Located in the Aspen school district, this is hard to beat.

900 feet of river frontage on the Roaring Fork, a stunning contemporary with the river out every window.  Just grab your gear and you are fly fishing, or relax to the sounds of the river.  This house is priced at $1186 per sq ft, that’s the price of a teardown in Mtn Valley and this property is perfect.  Originally listed at $5,250,000 now offered at $4.5. 

Originally listed at $8.9 million, now $6.4! 20 acres, huge views of the Elk range, water rights, pastures, peace, quite, and privacy.  At $1000 per sq ft, this is nothing more than a screaming deal.

Between Old Snowmass and Woody Creek there are currently 78 properties on the market priced from $190k to $56 million, there is a lot of choice in all sizes and price ranges, and as a buyer that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to negotiating.


If you’re interested in finding out more about these opportunities or others, give us a call and we will take you Around the Block.

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July 6, 2016

Aspen Dirt Report Snowmass Aspen Real Estate Market Update

Aspen Snowmass Real Estate Market Update

Each week we bring you three exciting statistics driving one of the most exclusive real estate markets in the country.This week we are going to bring you up to speed on what’s been happening in the Aspen/Snowmass real estate market so far this year.

Stat 1

Down 45%, that is condo sales in Aspen this year over last.

Last year at this same time, condos in Aspen were selling at a blistering pace; we had closed just under a $120 million and an average of $1168 per sq ft.  This year, the average dollar per sq ft is $1246, while overall dollar volume is just over $54 million.  

Condo sales may be taking a bit of a breather, but values are firm, closing at a higher dollar per sq ft that last year at this time.

Stat 2

Aspen single family sales, off 39% this year over last.

Last year at this time the Aspen market had generated almost $263 million dollars in single family sales.  The same time this year, we are just over $100 million in closed sales. Last year buyers were paying an average of $1354 per sq ft and this year it’s $1340. Nine of the sales this year were above $5 million with marketing times as fast as 33 days.

As with all statistics, you’ve got to dig a little deeper and understand what the market is communicating.  This market is indicating that if you bring a good product at a compelling price, your property is sold!

Stat 3

422!  That’s the number of properties currently available to choose from in Aspen.

Of the 422 properties, 74 are priced above $2k a sq ft, with the average dollar per sq ft at just over $1500. The lowest asking price is $795,000 and the highest $80 million.  Only 15% of the market is reporting under contract. 

What does this mean to you as a buyer? It means get informed, understand the market, and work with a broker willing to help interpret the nuances of this rather complex market.   

That’s it for the Aspen Dirt Report!




Jan. 11, 2016

Aspen Market Report Season 3 Episode 1

 Aspen Market Report

Aspen Market Report, Season 3, Episode 1

Each week we bring you three exciting statistics driving one of the most exclusive real estate markets in the country.We’ve combed over thousands of records, countless spreadsheets and computer formulas to bring you the latest market information.So right now, the top three stats this week, right here on The Aspen Market Report.

Aspen Real Estate Statistic 1 

$2938 per sq ft!  That is the closed price of the last Aspen penthouse this year. 

Zero bedrooms, zero bathrooms and 8500 unfinished sq ft, that’s what $25 million dollars bought you in this prime piece of Aspen real estate. Several penthouse sales brought record breaking prices this year, the highest at $3304 per sq ft!

2015 saw a run on Downtown penthouses, if you are shopping in that market, hurry! There are only 2 left!

Mind Blowing Statistic 2

Aspen Real Estate TV Show Talking Dirt shooting on location at 1759 Mclain Flats Road$159 million dollars, that’s the sold volume of condos located in downtown Aspen, up $20 million over last year.

Of the 83 sales that have made up the market this year, 60 of those were below $2million and 29 were below $1million, all located right in downtown Aspen. The top 5 condo sales in 2015, equaled $62 million.  

Interested in building your luxury real estate portfolio? There are A+ properties in prime locations, in all price ranges, coming on the market every day.

Market Statistic 3

Where are the deals? 8 miles and just 15 minutes, that’s where!

Snowmass buyers, there are ski in - ski out properties, impeccably designed, at $917 a sq ft.  There are slope side condos listed at $416 a sq ft.  There is a lot of inventory to choose from for buyers seeking a slope side lifestyle, whatever the criteria, it’s available.

With new ownership of Base Village finally settled and construction set to begin May 2016, Snowmass Village is where savvy buyers and the smart money are landing.